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Hi, I’m Tony. A full-stack software engineer from Brazil. I have about 9 years of professional experience in web development.

I have a college degree in System Analysis (4 years), and an additional specialization (+2 years) in Software Engineering.

Recently, I’ve worked with backend teams building REST APIs for a variety of services/apps - mostly in PHP, but I also have interests in other languages and frameworks like Ruby and Ruby on Rails or Elixir and the Phoenix framework.

I’ve done front-end development as well in React and Vue. I love solving real problems in code. I also have some experience with Docker and Kubernetes, as well as cloud environments like AWS and DigitalOcean. Linux is my main OS of choice.


Software Engineer at madewithlove (2014-2020)

I have worked on a variety of different projects here. From booking platforms for time-share properties, to startups, to real estate CRMs. I got to work with Laravel on the back-end, even was able to make a few contributions to the framework. I also worked on the front-end a couple times, from React and VueJS. Recently, I was also doing part-time DevOps as well. Training our teams in Docker and Kubernetes, also helping them Dockerizing different projects on different stacks.

Back-End Engineer at Gabstr (2013-2014)

Worked as a back-end engineer primarily with PHP and Laravel, but also doing some server management and setup. Developed two REST-like APIs for the platform, used background jobs with beanstalkd, supervisord to manage our workers and applied a lot of best practices in Laravel and our workflows, like Clean Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Automated Testing.

Web Developer at BlueVox (2013-2013 - 4 months)

I worked in a company's core product, which was a vanilla PHP application (no framework) where dental clinics can signup and have a bunch of tools for them to manage their clinics like a CRM so they can manage their clients, a scheduling module where they can manage their clients appointments as well as the doctors.

Web Developer (2011-2013)

I started as an intern and got hired as a full-stack programmer after the internship. Here was my school in software development. I was 2 years into college when I got the internship, so I thought I knew a few things. How naive! When I started I quickly realized how little I knew, but I caught up and few months after I got hired, the principal engineer left and I assumed a couple projects on my own.


Programming languages: PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Elixir, Java, BashScript, SQL;
Back-end Frameworks: Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Phoenix;
Front-end Frameworks: VueJS, React (I know, it’s a library), AngularJS (the older version);
Data Storages: MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch;
Softwares and Tools: PHPStorm, VSCode, Tilix, tmux, Docker, Git, GitHub, Firefox, Google Docs, Figma, Notion, Basecamp, Hey;
Operating Systems: Ubuntu (with GNOME), Android;
Others: PHPUnit, Laravel Dusk, Minitest, Turbolinks, writing, mentoring;


Bachelor’s degree in System Analysis (CESMAC, 2009-2012)

My graduation paper was about Multi-tenant applications. There wasn’t much material back then and I was already working with an application that happened to implement it (even though the company wasn’t aware of this model) so it made it a bit more interesting.

Specialization in Software Engineering (CESMAC, 2014-2015)

My paper was about Progressive Web Apps. I was working on a side-project (freelancing) at the time. It was a delivery app, so I built a web platform for the clients to request deliveries and a PWA version for the couriers. It had a few interesting things like push notifications and offline mode, for instance. My paper was about all the features currently available in PWAs at the time and what was coming next.