Goals for 2019

Jan 4, 2019 Tony Messias

I don't usually set goals for new years and such. However, I've decided to change things a little bit this year so, you know, what the hack.

By publicly sharing my goals, I hope it actually motivates me to really try to do the things I want to do. So, here we go.


This year, I want to blog a lot more than last year. I think I've only blogged about my experiment learning Kubernetes last year, so I want to be more active around here.

Also, did a video tutorial experiment of setting up the Laravel WebSockets, I'm thinking of sharing more stuff on YouTube this year. Maybe the summary of experiments I do every now and then. Someone asked me to talk a bit more about Queues in Laravel in a teasing for a talk a gave few years ago, so I'll start with that. Will use this as an opportunity to improve my English speaking skills.

I co-organize a local meetup in my town called Maceio DEV Meetup, we try to run a meetup every month, but at the end of last year it kinda went South and we were not that consistent. That's going to change. Going to try to be more active there, and more organized as well. Planning a few months ahead.

Ah, was almost forgetting, I also want to create more content in PT-BR, for non-English speakers from Brazil, as knowing a second language is a privilege over here. Just want to be more active to the community.


I've been working with Web Development ever since I joined the field, and still do that by this day. Been using PHP primarily since my first internship (used CakePHP, then switched job and ended up dealing with a custom in-house framework, was about to switch to Ruby when I discovered the Laravel Framework back in 2013-ish, more on that on a later article).

I have a BS degree in System Analysis, but the graduation was more of a mix of programming, software engineering, and business. I'm afraid I lack a bit on some of the fundamentals of CS. I've been trying to fill that gap. This year, I want to get better at Algorithms and puzzle solving. Already reading some books to help with that, so will share some articles here about that as well. The books I got are:

Also, I try to experiment with other languages and environments every now and then. 2 years ago I did one experiment of building the same app in PHP with Laravel and in Elixir with Phoenix, the app was a simplified version of a chat app called Slackish. Will also write about the experiment and how I approach new languages and frameworks. I loved the experience, so this year I'm going to try to learn some Go by building Slackish with it using the Bufallo framework, will share the outcome as well.


I don't read much non-technical stuff in my free time. Want to change that. I've got some books about Personal Financing, Politics, and other goodies. So I'm trying to read more this year.

Exercising is something I really enjoy, but haven't been consistent with it recently. I'm already changing that, been doing workouts about 3 times a week for about 2 months. However, that's something I can still improve, maybe bumping it up to 4 or 5 times a week. The workout consists of body-weight exercises I learned thru the years and running.

On that note, we started the year by doing a clean up in our eating habits at home, we picked The Whole30 Program, so let's see how that goes.

I live in a beach town (just google for images of "Maceio Brazil", I actually live a few meters from the beach), but the truth is we don't usually go there. That's changing as well. We want to just enjoy the beach more on weekends, at least once a month (feels little, right? But consider that we don't really go at all).

As you can see, if everything goes as I'm planning, you can expect some good contents around here.

Happy new year. See you around.