Tony Messias

Programmer at Tighten.


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I have a couple of open-source packages you may be interested in checking out. I've been trying to bridge the Rails and Laravel worlds!

  • Turbo Laravel: This package gives you a set of conventions to make the most out of Hotwire in Laravel.
  • Stimulus Laravel: Use Stimulus in your Laravel app.
  • Rich Text Laravel: Integrates the Trix Editor with Laravel. Inspired by the Action Text gem from Rails.
  • Importmap Laravel: Use ESM with import maps to manage modern JavaScript in Laravel without transpiling or bundling.
  • TailwindCSS Laravel: This package wraps up the standalone executable version of the Tailwind CSS framework for a Laravel application.


Sometimes I record a screencast about a topic I'm tinkering, a problem I've encountered, or a tool that I'm building or learning.

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